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We partner with entrepreneurial dentists to drive significant revenue growth through enhanced marketing strategies, streamlined operations, and optimized sales processes.

What is a Marketing Partner?

A Marketing Partner is a strategic ally focused on helping your dental practice thrive. We specialize in creating, converting, and closing more new patient opportunities, ensuring sustainable and powerful revenue growth.

New Leads per Month
9000 +

Maintain a steady, manageable flow of new dental patients.

Enhance scheduling and conversion rates for more value from your marketing investment.

Generate high-value full-arch dental implant cases for your practice.

Grow your patient base effortlessly when adding specialties, associates, or locations.

Integrate the marketing, operational, and sales expertise needed to compete with any competitor. 

Where Would You Like To Be In 6 Months?

Rapid Growth

Expanding Full Arch Services

Acquiring New Locations

Tailored for Solo Practices,
Emerging DSOs,
and Dental Groups

We exclusively partner with dental professionals, including solo practitioners, group practices, and DSOs. 

See Where Your Money is Going

Partner with Zendata to gain full visibility of your ROI for the entire new patient journey. Monitor everything from the cost of making your phone ring to the long-term value of every patient we bring in, all based on your own PMS data and updated in real-time.

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About Implant Prospects

Meet the Founder Thiago Carvalho

dental implant marketing

“Our focus is to innovate the US dental market, and help dental providers achieve more sustainable marketing and growth by using our marketing tools and services,”
The services aim to improve the user experience of practitioners as well as customers. Recently, he launched Carvalho Capital, a project expected to own over 5 thousand dental practices across the USA in the coming years. – New York Weekly

Read Thiago’s interview the the New York Weekly here.

Thiago’s entrepreneurial journey is a testament to his relentless pursuit of success, as he is now a pivotal figure in many prominent ventures that have left an indelible mark in the world of business and technology. He is the driving force behind Carvalho Capital, a platform renowned for its innovative approach to acquiring, growing, and developing dental practices through cutting-edge technology and marketing strategies. Additionally, Thiago’s expertise extends to a marketing agency recognized for its groundbreaking marketing strategies for for dental offices known as Implant Prospects.

As far as creating a company that focuses on the dental industry is concerned, Thiago shares that the idea emerged when he was working closely with dental offices in the US. “During this time, I was able to identify their struggles, bottlenecks, marketing needs, and overall business operations,” says Thiago Carvalho. “With Implant Prospects, we provide them with growth, dental offices, an easy-to-use appointment system, and marketing.” 

However, what inspired Thiago towards the field was his problem-solving skills and the need for technology to evolve the market. “Efficient use of technology and marketing can catapult dental practices to a new level of growth,” he states.